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Bao Powder (3rd Edition)
Smoked Seasoning Powder (3rd Edition)
Tempura Flour (3rd Edition)
Soya Guiling (3rd Edition)
Ice Blender (3rd Edition)
Fruit Beancurd Pudding Powder
Coconut Jelly (3rd Edition)
Konnyaku Jelly (3rd Edition)
Happy Grass Products Sdn Bhd Corporate Video
HAPPY GRASS traces its root to a small business started in 1932. It built its specialty in food related products and services over the year. It acted as a trusted provider for local community. The company entered a period of high growth after the third generation of the family took over the management.

The new management put great emphasize on research and innovation. They brought a complete new line of DIY food products to the market. Today, the company has a various popular DIY products.

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